Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Rintihan wanita Malam

 Rintihan wanita Malam Often people who have never been in the business before you think that the world is their market. But ititnot a realistic view . When you write a business plan you will need to identify your market so you can focus your time and efforts on the segments of the population.
There are several things to consider when you decide which people in your target market as follows:
1. Age - Is there a particular age group that you prefer working with? If you do not like children, for example, it really does not make sense for you to get involved in a company that sells toys. Product or service needs to be adjusted with the most appropriate age group. Many new businesses started recently to serve the growing senior demographic that does not just need health services and recreation, but also have the income to buy them.
2. Finance - You need to consider that segment of the population capable of the items you offer. Those who recently graduated from the university may not have the funds to buy time-shares or recreational vehicle. Teenagers may not be the best group to consider to purchase expensive vehicles.
3. Your Expertise - If you consider the competencies you have and trust that you hold, it will be easier to identify your target market best. If you have the training, expertise and licensing in a particular field, you will be able to easily identify the client's future.

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