Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Gadis Perawan Kota

Gadis Perawan Kota You must already know that now the communication needs have almost become the primary requirement. I wish it could add, maybe now there are four primary needs, clothing, food, shelter, and another communication. The communication media was already very much evolved if not arguably had the revolution. This communications revolution is so awful (of course with the support of technology), not all phases can be tasted.
For example, some time ago (early 2000's, even though it was not until 5 years ago), the data transfer technology GPRS class is very qualified, and still very rarely use it. Not until 3 years, data transfer technology has emerged so-called 2.5 G aka EDGE person. Not until 2 years later came the 3G technology that has been carrying around a video-call capabilities. Action phone and face to face is bringing a new dimension in the activities perkomunikasian.

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