Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Gadis Perawan Desa

Gadis Perawan Desa Guava fruit is the most widely cultivated fruit naturally, in addition to easy also very rich in nutritional content, especially its Vitamin C content is high. In addition, the
Red Guava fruit is also believed to increase levels of platelets in the blood. No wonder when the season arrives Dengue disease, the Red Guava fruit became a favorite food of society.
Guava Fruit Red, light green color of his skin and white inside, but the older the color of the fruit section in the red and yellowish-green color of the outer skin. When I was young, fruit taste sour, but when cooked will taste sweet and contain water. Therefore, choose a Red Guava fruit is ripe, which is marked with the dominant color of his skin yellow.
Red Guava Juice:
- Take 2 Guava Red ripe fruit, cut into small pieces. Previous wash with clean running water.
- Enter the Red Guava juice in a blender, you should not need to add sugar because the Red Guava already contains a natural sweetness.
- Add sweetened condensed milk if necessary.
- Add also a little water to launch a fruit blender.
- Sweet Star Fruit juice can be combined with other fruit, most delicious fruit is mixed with tomatoes to get a taste asam.Jika willing, washing 1 piece of tomato, cut into 4 sections, put in a blender that had been prepared.
- Red Blend Guava and other ingredients for 15 seconds, not too long so that the juice produced is not dull and flabby.
- Red Guava Juice ready to serve, add a little ice if necessary.

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