Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Perawan Gadis Sekolahan

Perawan Gadis Sekolahan There are 2 things that can not be separated in operations, ie sellers and buyers to each other interact. Whatever type of business that we run both in services and trade can not be separated from the two earlier elements. There is a saying that the consumer is king. Proverb that I think is still relevant to the present, or even universal. The seller will not be able to sell if there were no consumers, consumer vice versa will not be able to meet all keperluannya if there are no sellers. I think the effort to maintain consumer is far more difficult than getting new customers. Every business activity everyone will be competing to retain customers in ways to make the consumer does not move to another customer. Treat the consumer as king over many perceived by companies engaged in services. Let us look at how a bank, between banks and the one with the other banks competing to provide services to its customers with the best. Start with the entrance opened, saying good morning pa .. bu, a friendly face smiling officer until things offer other assistance. Then we saw also how the company car dealership providing service, starting with the entrance be opened with a friendly face of customer service, given various explanations about a product that he sold, giving congratulations to diantarkannya back to the exit while the consumer home. Such tricks of how they attempt to win the hearts of its customers to become partners. If you want to survive, that is indeed demands.

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