Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Rintihan Janda Kembang

Rintihan Janda Kembang Danish seine is a type of fishing equipment with the method of arrest without using otterboards, netting can be pulled along the seafloor using a single vessel. At the time of withdrawal of the vessel can be tethered (Anchor Seining) or without tethered (Fly
dragging). At anchor seining, the crew would feel more comfortable when working on deck than dragging Fly. Excess fly is dragging this tool will take a little time to move to another fishing ground than Anchor seining (Dickson, 1959). After the first world war, the anchor seining previously used British fishermen using fishing gear Trawl. From the year 1930 the fishermen of Scotland with a powerful vessel larger and more experienced shortens the time and trouble on the anchor seining on each withdrawal tool by developing a modification operations in terms of dragging or Scotish Fly Seining. On the Fly is still running while dragging the ship made a net withdrawal. Judging from its shape cantrang menterupai payang gear but the size is smaller. Viewed from the function and trawl catch cantrang resembles, namely to catch demersal fisheries resources, especially fish and shrimp. Compared trawl, cantrang have simpler forms and the time penankapannya only use a small motor boat size. Judging from the active device that is similar to the trawl gear cantrang are more likely to replace trawling as a means to exploit demersal fisheries resources. In Indonesia cantrang widely used by fishermen north coast of East Java and Central Java, particularly the northern part (Subani and Barus, 1989)

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