Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Perawan Cewek Jalang

Perawan Cewek Jalang Proper diet can help improve the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Active sports (gymnastics pregnancy, morning walk or afternoon) during pregnancy will help a pregnant woman feel more easily through the period of 9 months of pregnancy and will help to expedite the process of childbirth. Examples of some very good food consumed during pregnancy
Salmon Fish and Fish Oil
Salmon and fish oil are very rich in Omega-3 that is needed by the growth of brain, eye and vision development in the fetus, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy.
Chicken. Ato chicken turkey contains plenty of protein but low in fat. Protein is needed for growth and development in the fetus and low fat to maintain body weight of pregnant wnita
Yogurt. Contains a lot of calcium needed for bone growth in fetuses.
Whole Wheat Bread. Rich in fiber that helps pregnant women's health, Zinc helps the formation of new cells and the immune system, and vitamin B.Red Meat
Cow or goat meat is needed to form red blood cells in the fetus and preventing anemia or blood deficiency in pregnant women.Besides food, sports activities can also help pregnant women keep in shape and relieve pain in pregnancy. Some examples of sports which is recommended during pregnancy.


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