Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Rintihan Gadis Manis

Rintihan Gadis Manis Early symptoms of stroke usually dizziness, head seemed to spin (like vertigo disease), then followed with a speech impairment and mouth muscles move. Other symptoms
are tergangguanya taste sensor (can not feel anything, such as pinched or pricked needles) and the body feels paralyzed side, and with no reflex movement. Often also occur suddenly blind or blurred vision (due to blood supply and oxygen to the eye is greatly reduced), disturbance of taste in the mouth system and the muscles of the mouth (so often encountered people with a wry face), paralysis of the muscles of the body, and disruption system memory and emotion. Often some people can not stop crying because of the paralysis of the brain controls the emotions system. It makes people act like a stroke patient psychiatric illness, but it's not. Things like this that need to be understood by the patient's family.There are 2 major healing process that must be patient. The first is healing with medicines in hospitals. Strict control must be done to keep the levels of bad cholesterol can be lowered and did not grow up. In addition, patients are also prohibited from eating foods that can trigger a stroke like junk food and salt (which can trigger hypertension). The healing process is fisiotherapy second, which exercises the muscles to restore muscle function and communication function for close to its original state. Fisiotherapi conducted jointly fisiotherapi instructors, and patients must abide by the exercise done. If this fisiotherapi not be taking seriously, it can occur in permanent paralysis of the limbs that have suffered paralysis. Healing in patients with stroke are very varied. There can be cured completely (100%), some are just 50% only. This recovery depends on whether or not severe stroke, the body condition of patient, patient compliance in undergoing the process of healing, perseverance and spirit of the patient to recover, as well as support and understanding from all family members of patients. Often found that stroke patients can recover, but suffered severe depression because their families do not want to understand and feel very disturbed with the disease (such as patient attitude does not accept the situation, the harsh treatment because patients have to clean dirt, handing the patient to the nurse who also treats patients with a rough, and so on). This should be avoided if a family member who suffers a stroke.

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