Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Jeritan Tante Girang

Jeritan Tante Girang A profitable business is in property. Buying and selling property is not selling like hotcakes, sell quickly sold. It takes time, patience and of course also endeavor to get the seller and buyer. Surely one of the secret profits from the business property is the difference between purchase price and selling price. Wanted: property that is sold at a semiring as possible and then sell it back with a relatively high price. However, even though her house ready for sale side, some things remain below should be considered, because if not we even a loss because they can not sell it anymore. Housing conditions which must be avoided to be purchased are: unlucky house number or less good. Maybe this sounds trivial and you also happen to not believe the myth. However, this can affect the sales of homes that are difficult in the future. Although you do not believe, but there are others who believe. Unlucky number for the trust is 4 and 13. Four, which in Chinese is pronounced shi, the same pronunciation with a shi, which means death.

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