Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Malam Pertama Seorang Gadis Perawan

 Malam Pertama Seorang Gadis Perawan Read minds, Interviewer. For the interviewer, the interview is an exploration and search for compatibility between you and the company. What are the interviewer usually see from a candidate? Language is 60-70% of his body. ON TIME If only you could interview late, especially when working with a positive impression and rapat.beri arrived at the interview 15 minutes early, if forced to be late, please let them delay you are accompanied with an apology. DRESS UP Important decisions you made in the first three minutes. so, dress is smart. do not use the accessories and make up a striking because it would distract the interviewer. select comfortable clothing. interview atmosphere, though few will make you tense. inconvenience for my clothes add your anxiety. and you know it can be seen by the interviewer.

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